Vald Roadmap 2022 Winter
3 min readOct 25, 2022


A few months ago, we informed the 2022 summer roadmap. We’re sorry that some features could not be released due to many spot issues. Once again, this post shows the latest Vald roadmap.

Lookback 2022 summer

We’re focusing on the many tasks in 2022 summer. These include new features we informed in the 2022 summer roadmap post.

The notable updates are:

  • Implement Circuit Breaker(v1.6.0~)
  • New Distance Type for NGT(v1.5.6~)
  • Apply OpenTelemetry instead of OpenCencus(v1.6.0~)
  • Add/Update documents

We also had security issues and bug fixes.

Roadmap 2022 Winter

In this chapter, we introduce the roadmap for the 2022 winter.

2022 winter roadmap

New feature

We are planning to provide the following new features in Vald to deliver extra value for users.

Request Mirroring

  • Mirroring request for 2 or more Vald Clusters for multi-region/multi-AZ environment

New Vald Agent Core algorithms

Index timestamp & correction

  • Store timestamp with vector & id, and correct to correct index state.

Network Policy for Vald cluster on Kubernetes

  • Create a network policy for each component to build a secure cluster.

We will share the detail of each feature in the release document as needed.

Document & Others

Additional documentation and helper tools will be added as needed.

Update document

  • Mainly, we’re focusing on adding/updating troubleshooting documents to be easy to resolve problems and any requested documentation.

Continuous Benchmark tool

  • This tool is designed to perform continuous load testing for the Vald Cluster.
  • It enables the users can test the ANN under high-load cluster conditions and execute testing that meets the user’s requirements.

Contents Search for the official document

  • Add the content search on the official document to be easy to find out the document which you want to know.

A new demo project using fastText

We will also share as same and update these ones by one.

Release schedules


Until there is a significant change (helm chart changes a lot), we will continue to release in the 1.6 series. The addition of a new core algorithm is not included here.


We will release v1.7 by the end of January 2023. It will include adding new core algorithms and request mirroring functions.



A highly scalable distributed fast approximate nearest neighbor dense vector search engine.