Roadmap in summer 2022


Vald 2022 summer roadmap
Vald 2022 summer roadmap

New features

We are planning to provide the following new features in Vald to deliver extra user value.

  • Mirroring request for 2 or more Vald Cluster for multi-region/multi-AZ environment
  • A feature that intercepts unnecessary high-frequency backoff packets at a very early stage.

Document & Others

Additional documentation and helper tools will be added as needed.

  • Mainly, we’re focusing on adding/updating configuration documents to be easy to use for many situations, e.g.: backup, filtering, and monitoring.
  • This tool is designed to perform continuous load testing for the Vald Cluster.
  • It enables the users can test the ANN under high-load cluster conditions and execute testing that meets the user’s requirements.

Release schedule


Until there is a significant change (helm chart changes a lot), we will continue to release in the 1.5 series. The addition of a new core algorithm is not included here.


We will release v1.6 by the end of September 2022. It will include adding new core algorithms and the request mirroring functions.



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